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Because of her work is largely project-based, Glover often works with other artists for individual projects. Each person brings a different personal background and viewpoints which add to the richness of the work

Michel BIZIEUX is a French artist and photographer who currently lives in Molineuf, France. His work often combines installation and photography with such as in his 2010 piece He is working with Aprille Best Glover on an interactive installation in Molineuf, France.

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  • SUZON FUKS is an internationally recognized intermedia artist, choreographer and director exploring the integration and interaction of dance and moving image through performance, screen, installation and online work. Current recipient of an Australia Council Fellowship, she focuses on screendance and networked performance.

    Born in Brussels, trained in dance, theatre & music at Lilian Lambert Academy (‘69-‘76), she completed her Masters in Visual Arts at La Cambre (‘79-‘84). Moving to Australia in ‘96, she has been co-artistic director of intermedia performance company IGNEOUS since ’97.

    She has directed 14 movement-based intermedia performances, created film/video-scenography/installation for 19 productions, directed and edited 19 films and videos including 13 screendances. She received numerous awards for her films, videos, solo performance shows, including Green Room Award for Video-Scenography in Theatre (New Form). Her screendance FRAGMENTATION was ReelDance finalist, nominated for an Australian Dance on Film Award and screened in all continents. She created the film part of the groundbreaking show ‘The Strange Mr Knight’, which toured the world for 5 years (87-92, Adelaide Festival 1990).

    She gives lectures, workshops, master classes and labs in Australia, USA & Europe on the integration of visual media and the performing arts, fostering intermedia artistic collaboration.

    sites www.water-wheel.net and www.suzonfuks.net/

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    Antony Hequet was born in France January 11th 1955 of French father and American mother. Antony spent ten years of his life in America, where he began studying music : jazz piano, classical & jazz voice, while enrolled in a mathematics cursus (1979 – 1980).

    He decides to pursue music at Cornish Institute, a school with a reputation for Jazz; he meets Gary Peacock with whom he studies harmony and piano (1980 – 1982).

    He completed his training at New York University where he explored sound : analog and digital synthesis, physics, studio techniques, Fairlight (one of the very first digital audio workstations), while learning traditional music techniques (1982 – 1985).

    Back in France, he spends a year at IRCAM in the department entitled : systèmes personnels, under the direction of David Wessel (1987 – 1988).

    Antony first applies his skills as a creator of sounds and computer assisted music applications, by composing works associated with visual content. He also works on projects which combine science, music and technology.

    Antony Hequet work is currently focused as director of Münd Project which is evolving mix of art, music, video and performance.

    sites www.mund.fr and www.antonyhequet.com


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    Hervé ORGUER is a French artist and landscape architect.  He is working with Aprille Best Glover on the construction of a large Land Art piece as well as the development of Land Art Park in Lavardin, France.


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  • Natalia STEPANOVA is a Russian-born video artist who currently lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland. Her video work is often blends fantasy and reality. She is currently working on the Münd Project as well as other films.

    sites www.mund.fr




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  • Nadine Terk began her career as a Japanese Art Historian, with degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. She lived in Japan for two years to study the traditional Eastern art forms of tea ceremony, ikebana, and Hagi pottery. After moving to Jacksonville in 1997, she taught art history at the University of North Florida and Flagler College. She held the positions of Curator of the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art and produced exhibitions of local and national significance.

    Terk made the transition from art educator to artist more than a decade ago. Her initial studies were at the Art Students’ League in New York City. In 2005 she began studying classical drawing, figurative work and portraiture at Studio Incamminati with Nelson Shanks. A focus on figurative realism has culminated in an ongoing project to document the workers of disappearing American industries.

    The study of body movement in the Japanese tea ceremony and desire for greater audience participation are the driving force of her expansion into multi-media works. As manufacturer of precious objects and former guardian of these objects, Terk is currently exploring the dialogue between human and possession through a collaborative, multi-media, project entitled Beyond Clean.

    sites www.nadineterk.com and www.beyondclean.org


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  • Shukor Yahya is a Contemporary Artist and Graphic Designer who has a Master of Arts (MA) Art and Design Education degree from DeMontfort University, Leicester, the UK. With an illustrious career as an Art Director of various international advertising Agencies such as McCann Erickson, Idris Associates, BBDO and ends up with Ted Bates. He is also recognized by the industry as brands and packaging design expert. When he resigned from the advertising industry he revolutionized the art of Kufi Square into a most modern art in the world today. Being recognized as a pioneer in this art, at the Eastern Art Price London in 2010 he earned a position among the 15 best emerging artist from Asia. No artist from Malaysia has earned such reputation, hence is trusted by CARAN d’ACHE of Geneva to design a limited edition (101) luxury pen which he calls Kufi pen. As a professional he travels almost every year inside his country and abroad. Among the country he has visited are Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate, Greece, England, Wales, USA, Switzerland and China.

    sites blog and www.kufikufi.com

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